Sermon on the Mount booklets

The Sermon on the Mount (contained in Matthew chapters 5-7, with a similar message recorded in Luke 6) is a spoken teaching Jesus gave to those who were interested in following him. It records in very plain language the principles of his Kingdom. It gives a clear and radical picture of the love that Jesus wants us to have for others and the extreme unselfishness required by Jesus in his kingdom. It was paraphrased frequently in early Christian descriptions of Christianity. Because of this, it is an excellent introduction to Jesus’ good message about the kingdom of God.

This page has links to a collection of booklets in various languages that contain the Sermon on the Mount. The booklets have a brief introduction explaining who Jesus is, using descriptions he used of himself. Following the Sermon on the Mount is a brief statement encouraging the reader to next read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to get a better understanding of Jesus’ message. The hope is that this resource can encourage people to start their understanding of Jesus and Christianity with Jesus’ life and teachings.

Each language is produced in five versions: an on-line version designed to be linked to or copied and pasted on-line. This version can also be saved as an HTML file and copied directly to someone’s computer or cell phone. The other four versions are designed for printing and giving away. Two of the printed versions are formatted for US letter size paper and the other two are formatted for A4 size paper. Each of the two paper sizes has a version which is designed for printing in a large booklet format (half the size of the paper it is printed on) and a version which is designed to print in a small booklet format (one quarter the size of the paper it is printed on). The larger booklets are easier to produce since they only require a single fold. The smaller booklets require cutting and ideally should be stapled but result in a nice size booklet to hand out. For instructions on printing, follow this link: printing instructions.

All of these booklets is in the public domain and may be freely reproduced and distributed. Some languages may quote from a copyrighted translation of the Bible. If so, that part of the tract is not in the public domain but may still be reproduced legally for free in many countries under fair-use laws.


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