Imagine you find yourself in an amusement park filled with fun rides, tasty food and all sorts of entertainment. However, this amusement park is filled with people who are suffering. Everywhere you look there is a sad scene: a person groaning in pain, someone bleeding, a parent watching a child die of starvation. In addition, there are people all around who are mean and hurting each other; you see fighting, killing, theft and rape. It seems everywhere you look people are angry, insulting, greedy, lying and taking advantage of each other. It doesn’t sound like a very good place to enjoy yourself, does it?

This is what God sees when he looks at our world. He sent Jesus to help us see things his way and to leave us with an important job. So it makes sense that Jesus would say, “Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh.” If we seek to enjoy this life, we will miss the difficult way of self-sacrifice and love that Jesus calls us to. Then when Jesus returns and finds us playing and relaxing, we will not be welcomed into the new heavens and new earth where there will be no selfishness and suffering. However, if the evil of this world gives us sorrow that motivates us to give up what makes us happy, so that we can love God and love others, then we can live forever with God.

To find out more about what Jesus said and how to become a part of his kingdom, read the four books his early disciples wrote about him: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

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