Does it seem like this picture and these words don’t belong together? They don’t. They each represent a different system and a different way of life.

The picture represents the kingdoms and nations of this world which are ruled by Satan. These kingdoms are full of selfish, greedy people who want, above all else, to protect what they have in this life. To do this they use police, judges, lawyers, soldiers and weapons to defend what they have with threats, intimidation, force and punishment.

The words of Jesus represent a completely different kind of kingdom. This is God’s kingdom that Jesus established while he was on the earth. That kingdom is not open to people who want to be selfish or greedy or who want to use force or power to protect what they have in this life. This kingdom is available to anyone who wants to deny himself, take up his own cross and follow Jesus’ example and teaching.

Unfortunately many people claim that you can follow the principles of both of these types of kingdoms at the same time. That is a lie. You cannot serve two opposite masters.

To find out more about what Jesus said and how to become a part of his kingdom, read the four books his early disciples wrote about him: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

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